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Excise Compliances

Central Excise is a duty on the manufacture or production of all excisable goods in India. Excisable goods refers to movable and marketable goods which are listed in the Schedules to the Central Excise Tariff Act. A process shall be treated as manufacture if – the process results in transformation, a new and different article emerges having a distinctive name, character or use. The Central Excise Act provides that every person engaged in manufacture or production of excisable goods shall get himself registered with the Central Excise department on failure to get registered person is liable for penalty. Registration under Central Excise must be made before the production of excisable goods or in the case of a dealer, before the issuance of CENVAT invoice.
An SSI Unit is a unit whose turnover in the preceding financial year is less than Rs.400 Lakhs. Such units have the option to avail full exemption from payment of duty upto turnover of Rs.150 Lakhs in the current financial year[Notification No.8/2003].

Highlights of Excise

Basic Exemption

Manufacturer can avail benefit of SSI (Small Scale Industry) basic turnover limit up to one hundred and fifty lack. Whereas the benefit amiable on stratifying condition of notification.

No Excise on Export

For goods exported from India, Excise is exempt. Therefore, exporters of goods can save on excise payment.

Excise Returns

In Excise Monthly / Quarterly ER Returns are required to be filed within due date with specifying taxes collected and paid to government treasury.

EXCISE Compliances

We are Excise consultant in Pune. We provide consultancy and practical solutions for maintain compliances under Excise.We take care of return filing under excise , maintaining compliances  legal documentation, Excise Compliances check List, representation and coordination with excise department and other associated Government Departments.

  • Excise Payment Working
  • Excise Return Filing
  • Day to Day Compliances
  • Approvals From Excise Department
  • Excise Refund / rebate
  • Execution of UT for Supplies to SEZ
  • Availing Cenvat Credit both on Central Excise and Service Tax
  • Providing help in Maintenance of Job Work Records
  • Review of compliance
  • Providing Consultancy on the Central Excise & Service Tax matters and issue
  • Execution of Bond / Bank Guarantee for Export of Good
  • Assistance in Obtaining Merchant Exporter – CT1 Certificate

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