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Service Tax Refund and Rebate

On the principle of taxes should not be on export, government of India gives  service tax refund and rebate of service tax paid on input taxable services like rent of premises , consulting fees, Chartered accountant services etc. which are used for providing any taxable services which is exported. Idea behind the law is to promote exporter by return back  money paid on input taxes on input services/inputs for exporting services.Service export can take benefit of applying service tax refund and rebate for export of services.

Service Tax Refund – What We offer

We are Service tax refund consultant in Pune. Provide consultancy and practical solutions for taking maximum exports benefits when your doing export of service. Our professional team take care of legal documentation, calculations, preparation of application, representation and coordination with Tax department and other associated Government Departments till you refund amount. We are Service tax Consultant in Pune.

  • Feasibility study of Project
  • Practical Solutions for maximizing benefits of Refund / Rebate of service tax
  • Legal Documents Preparation of service tax refund
  • Preparation of Application
  • Getting Refund from service tax department
  • Compilation of data of Cenvat credit
  • Identify gaps and / or areas of improvements,and suggest solutions

Highlights of Service Tax Refund / Rebate

Service Exporter

“Service Exporter” means a person who exports Services. means a person engaged in exporting export such as training , IT Services, Software Development Services , accounting Services etc

Grant of Refund

The AC / DC of Central Excise will grant refund to the exporter of goods, of the Service Tax paid on the specified services, after satisfying himself that the said services have actually been used for export of the said goods

Refund of Service Tax

Where as in case Service exporter in not in position to utilize the Cenvat credit due to export of services thus,in that case to reduce the Burden of taxes service exporter can apply for refund / rebate of service tax paid.

Application Period

Indirect Tax law had defined refund claim application period time Line. Person making application for refund / rebate of excise duty has to make quarterly application. Like April to June , July to Sept etc.

Time Line for application

Under the provisions of service tax refund application need to be make to Assistant Commissioner with the relevant date as specified. Beyond relevant period service tax refund applicable become time bard.

Documents Required

For making refund claim application various documents required such as Cenvat register , export invoices , FIRC , Service tax ST 3 return , various declarations, application from under notification etc.

Increases Business Cash Flow With Refund of Service Tax