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Sales Tax VAT / CST Consultant

Value added  tax is levied on the sale of movable goods. Most of the Indian States have replaced Sales tax with a new Value Added Tax (VAT) from April 01, 2005. VAT is imposed on goods only and not services and it has replaced sales tax. VAT is applied on each stage of sale with a mechanism of credit for the input VAT paid. VAT is applicable with slab rate of 0 % , 4% ,5%,8%,12.5% etc.  VAT is a progressive and transparent system of taxation which eliminates the cascading impact of multiple taxation through a multipoint taxation and set-off principle. It promotes transparency, compliance and equity and therefore, is both dealer friendly and consumer friendly. After registration of VAT, the manufacturer or trader is allotted a unique 11 digit number which will serve as the VAT Number / TIN Number / CST Number for the business.

Sales Tax Consultant Services

We are sales tax consultant in Pune. We provide consultancy and practical solutions for maintain compliances under Sales tax.We take care of return filing under VAT , CST return, application C /F / E form , maintaining compliances  legal documentation, Sales tax Compliances check List, representation and coordination with excise department and other associated Government Departments.


  • VAT , CST Payment Working
  • VAT , CST Return Filing
  • Day to Day Compliances
  • VAT Refund
  • Providing help in Maintenance of documents , record under sales tax
  • Review of compliance
  • Providing Consultancy on the Sales Tax matters and issue
  • Application of C / F / E / H form and co ordination
  • VAT Audit