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November 30, 2018
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Professional Tax Return Filing Due Date

Every employer having employees should every month deduct the Profession Tax from the salaries of the employees as per the slab rates mentioned above and deposit with the Profession Tax department of the State of Maharashtra within 20th of every month.

Amount of Profession tax to be deducted to be deducted by the employer is as follows:

Sr. No. Amount of Salary of employee (per month) Rate of Tax
 1 Upto Rs. 7,500 No Tax
 2 Male Employee Salary more than Rs 7500/- but less than Rs 10,000/- Rs. 175 per month
 3 Female Employee Salary upto Rs 10,000/- No Tax
 4 Any Employee Male or Female Earning more than Rs 10,000/- Rs. 2,500 Per Annum (Rs. 300 for the month of February and Rs. 200 for other months)


Profession Tax return filing is online in Maharashtra. Where as challan of PT is required to be paid online in Challan MTR-6. Return is to be file online in Form IIIB

Profession Tax return due date as below

S.No. Particulars PT Return Filing


Monthly return End of the month


Annual Return 31st March


Newly registered End of the month

Profession Tax  return due date as below with example

S.No. Particulars PT Return Filing


April 2019 30.04.2019


Annaul Return FY 2018-19 31.03.2019


Newly registed in June 2018 30.06.2018


PTEC Due Date

Sr. No Class of enrolled person Due Date
1 Person who stands enrolled before the commencement of a year or is enrolled on or before 31st May of a year 30th June of that year or such later date as the Commissioner may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify in respect of that year
2 Person who is enrolled after the 31st May of a year Within one month of the date of enrollment
3 Person who is enrolled and the rate of tax at which he is liable to pay tax is revised. Within one month of the date of such revision.

Professional Tax Return Filing Due Utility

Professional Tax Return Filing utility is made available on the site. Professional tax utility excel based which need to be downloaded first , fill necessary details and upload on given site. Following are content of PT Utility

  1. Name of Tax Payer
  2. Professional Tax registration number
  3. Return Filing Perodicity
  4. Name & other details of authorized person
  5. Calculation of Professional Tax liability
  6. Challan details of taxes paid

Change Professional Tax Return filing Periodicity

Change of  Profession Tax  return filing from monthly to annual for FY 2018-19 is as below as per Trade Circular No. 37T 2018.

  • PT Registered person should send mail from officer email id to and request for change in Profession Tax return filing Periodicity.
  • Mail has to be sent before 31 Dec 2018
  • For newly registered persons periodicity will be monthly and cannot be changed.
  • tax payer has changed his periodicity from annual to monthly and has filed even a single return for that periodicity his periodicity cannot be changed

Professional Tax Return Filing Periodicity

Professional Tax Return Filing Periodicity as per Rule 11(3) of the Professional Tax Rules 1975 is as below

S.No. Particulars PT Return Filing
1 Newly Registered Under PT Monthly return
2 PT liability > Rs. 50000 in Previous year Monthly return
3 PT liability < Rs. 50000 in Previous year Annual Return

Employer whose tax liability exceed Rs. 50000 in Previous year are required to file monthly professional return and make monthly payment. Employer whose tax liability is below Rs. 50000 in Previous year are required to file annual professional return. And Newly registered tax payers in any year required to file monthly PT returns. Trade Circular No. 37 T of 2018 gives explanation about what is PT return filing periodicity.

Late fees and Interest under the PTRC Maharashtra

Particulars Amount
Late fees on late filing of PTRC return Rs. 1000
Interest on failure to deduct profession tax Interest at 1.25% of PTRC liability per month till the default continues