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ESI Registration in Pune

After taking ESIC Registration this act provides for medical attendance and treatment, cash benefits during sickness, maternity and employment injury, pension for dependents on the death of workers due to employment injury and funeral towards expenses on funeral of insured person. Wherever the E.S.I Scheme is extended the employers are absolved of their liability under the Employee’s compensation Act, 1923 and under the Maternity benefit act, 1961 from the date from which maternity benefit becomes payable under the E.S.I. Act

ESIC Highlights


This act applies to all factories excluding mines and railway running shed and seasonal factories. The act becomes applicable if the strength of employees in the establishments crosses certain number of employees.

Benefits under ESIC

Medical benefit. 2. Sickness Benefit  3. Employment injury benefit 4. Maternity benefit  5. Permanent Disablement benefit.

ESI Benefit

Under the scheme of ESI , covered employees get benefit of medical and sickness medical benefits. Registered employees can avail medical facilities at registered hospitals and also eligible for sick pay.

ESIC Registration

We help our clients to get online ESI registration in Pune as advise on compliances under ESIC. We also provide service for ESIC calculation, filing of return , monthly payments etc. We have in house advocate for ESIC consultant in Pune & practitioner dealing with the work pertaining to the Labour Law and allied services. We provide a wide range of services pertaining to Labour Law such as Licensing, Maintenance of Records and Consultation to the corporate world. We are labour law consultant in Pune.


Our Services Includes

  • ESIC Registration
  • ESIC Compliances
  • Amendment / Changes in ESIC Registration
  • ESIC Payment working and advises
  • Labour Law Consultant in Pune

ESIC Registration Services

Check List of Document for ESI Registration

Following list of document require for ESI registrations.

  1. Certificate of Incorporation / Shop Act
  2. AOA , MOA / Partnership Deed
  3. Address proof of premises
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Details of Employees
  6. KYC of Directors / Partner / Proprietor
  7. Particulars of Employees
  8. Application form