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Online One Person Company (OPC) Registration in 5 days

With the latest and tremendous changes in business and making business setup easy in India, One Person Company is a unique concept introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in order to encourage the small traders and entrepreneurs. One of the major advantages of an OPC is that there can be only one member in an OPC, where in case of Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership minimum two persons are required. Similarly as in case of a company, a natural person, who is a citizen of India, shall be eligible for registering a One Person Company, with the requisite that the person should be resident of India.

One Person Company is defined in the Companies Act 2013 as a Company which has only one member. A single shareholder holds 100 percent shareholding. One person can form a company without any additional shareholder, and if the member is willing to add shareholders, all he needs to do some procedural compliances to convert OPC in to a regular private limited company and file it before MCA.

Minimum requirement for starting One Person Company

  1. Minimum One Person
  2. Minimum Capital shall be Indian_Currency_Rupee_New_Sumbol.png 100,000
  3. DIN for person who is proposed to be owner of Company
  4. Digital Signature (DSC) for one person
  5. Consent From the owner & nominee
  6. Proof of Registered Address (like light bill / Rent agreement etc.)
  7. NOC from the owner of premises

Advantages of OPC Registration

Quick Start

To start an OPC is a quick mechanism and can be done within a period of 6-7 Days. It provides a quick start from legal procedural point of view. You can get an OPC registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs very quickly.

Distinct legal entity

Like any Company whether Private Limited or a Public Company, One Person Company has a distinct legal entity from its members which is capable of doing everything that an entrepreneur would do. In many aspects it has similar features to that of a Private Limited Company.

Compliances requirements

OPC will also be required to comply with the provisions as applicable to Private Companies. However OPC still enjoys a number of exemptions and therefore have lesser compliance burden as compared to a Private Limited Company.

Legal Status to a Business

One Person Company not only gives the entrepreneurs the legal status to the business but also a social recognition as it enjoys the same status as that of a Private Limited Companies which help the entrepreneur to attract quality workforce along with designation like Directorship which cannot be used by Partnership firms or Limited Liability firms.

Easy Access to loans from banks

Generally Banks prefer to lend loans to One Person Company rather than Proprietary Firms or Partnership Firms . In certain circumstances it is advisable to many entrepreneurs to start up business as One Person Company rather than Proprietary Firm and Partnership Firm.

The Only Owner

Being the sole owner is the best advantage for incorporating an OPC which in turn makes decision making of the business more quick without much unnecessary intervention making functioning of business more smooth.

Documents Required For Registration OPC Registration

Scanned Copy of the Following Documents has to be provided.

  1. PAN card copy with Self attestation.
  2. Voter Id copy or Passport copy or Aadhar card copy or Driving license copy with self attestation.
  3. Latest passport size photo in jpg.
  4. Email ID , Cell No. and qualification details
  1. For registered office proof of the company, if the property is rented/ leased, then a copy of rental agreement or lease agreement is required.
  2. Copy of Latest Electricity bill or Property Tax receipt or Water Tax receipt.
  3. Copy of No Objection Certificate from the owner of the property (We shall  share format)
  4. If property is owned, then a copy of Sale Deed and Electricity bill is sufficient.
What We Offer - OPC Registration

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One Person Company Registration