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POSH Registration

POSH Registration is mandatory for Every employer having 10 or more employees must constitute an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) within the Organization to handle complaints of sexual harassment. POSH Registration is applicable for all entities such as Private Limited , Public Limited , Government Sector , NGO , Colleges and School.

Purpose of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 (POSH) was to prevent Sexual Harassment at work place. To address complaints of sexual harassment, make a legal regulation for same and bring make working environment safe for every one. Sexual Harassment violates the fundamental rights of a woman to equality under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India and her right to life and to live with dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution and right to practice any profession, which includes a right to a safe environment free from Sexual Harassment. We are POSH Registration , Implementation , compliance & training consultant at Pune , Mumbai , Bangalore , Delhi. We assist our clients for POSH compliances.

Requirements to POSH Compliance's

Why to Apply POSH Registration

Employer having 10 or more employees required to setup internal complaints committee in company. Each calendar year this committee need to conduct meeting , prepare annual report and submit to employer and the District Officer. Committee need to report cases of Sexual Harassment received , action taken on cases and disposed cases. Committee also need to conduct workshops or awareness and mention details in annual report.

  • Annual Report Under POSH is required
  • Government can do audits and call any employer to furnish any information
  • Penalty extending up to Rs. 50,000
  • Cancellation of license to do business

Check List of Documents for POSH Registration


Company documents PAN , AOA MOA , COI


Copy of the rent agreement if any

Board Resolution

Board Resolution


List of Directors and KYC


List of Employees

What We Offer in POSH Compliance


Legal Documents Filing

POSH Traning

Assist in annual report

POSH compliance certificate

What We Offer

Legal Drafting of OSP Registration

Advise on Network Diagram

Filing to OSP DOT Department

OSP Registration Certificate

Advise on OSP Annual Return Filing

POSH Complinace Process

Form Internal Committee

In writing form Internal committee with internal & external members


Conduct training program to employees to make awareness of their rights as well as responsibilities


Display posters at conspicuous places in the workplace. Posters in all Indian languages to ensure that your message reaches all stakeholders

Annual Report

IC need conduct meeting and address complaints received towards Sexual Harassment. Prepare report and submit to employer & District Officer

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FAQ - POSH Compliance

I have 10 employees, none of whom are women, do I still need to have an IC?
Yes. POSH Compliance is Applicable.
How to constitute Internal Committee ?
It’s a responsibility of employer to register / form internal committee. IC shall be formed in writing.
What is Term of POSH Internal Committee ?
Term of Internal Committee member shall of three years.
Who Can be External Member in Internal Committee ?
Any person from NGOs or associations that are committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment can be appointed in internal committee of POSH.
What are the preventive steps employer need to take ?
• training programs • awareness programs • Have gender sensitization programs to instil the feeling of equality at workplace
Who can be members of Internal Committee ?
1. Presiding Officer who has to be a woman employed at a senior level at workplace. She has to be from amongst the employees. 2. Two Members from amongst employees. The law says that for these two members, employers should prefer to have employees who are committed to the cause of women or who have had experience in social work or have legal knowledge. 3. One Member from amongst non-governmental organisations or associations committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment (“External Member”). The law also states that at least half of the total Members of the IC should be women.
Is there any fee for the External Member?
Yes, the External Member appointed from amongst the NGOs or associations is entitled to an allowance by the employer, of Rs. 200 per day for holding the proceedings of the IC and also the reimbursement of travel cost.
Is it mandatory to have an external member?
Yes. A third party independent member is a must.

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