Branch Office Registration in India

The purpose of setting up of a Branch office in India is to carry out the operation activities of Branch for its business. Branch Office Registration in India is governed and run in accordance with the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India. Making business and having revenue form activities of branch is allowed provided same are allowed by RBI. Branch office need to meet its all operational expenses from revenue generated from activities in India same need to be permitted by Reserve Bank of India. Simply saying its allowed to do operation allowed by RBI.

Highlights of Liaison Office in India

  • Branch office shall have same as parent company
  • Governing body for Liaison office in India is RBI (Reserve Bank of India)
  • Foreign Companies who are not interested or not planning to have long term business setup in India , for them its suitable option.
  • The BRANCH office does not have any ownership, it is just extension of the exiting company in the foreign country
  • All the expenses of the BRANCH office are met by the head office, if it does not have the revenue from Indian operations.

Activities Permitted to Branch office registration in India

  • Export/Import of goods
  • Rendering professional or consultancy services.
  • Carrying out research work, in which the parent company is engaged.
  • Promoting technical or financial collaborations between Indian companies and parent or overseas group company.
  • Representing the parent company in India and acting as buying/selling agent in India.
  • Rendering services in Information Technology and development of software in India.
  • Rendering technical support to the products supplied by parent/group companies.
  • Foreign Airline/shipping Company.

Activities Not Permitted to Branch office in India

  • Retail trading activities of any nature is not allowed for a Branch Office in India.
  • A Branch Office is not allowed to carry out manufacturing or processing activities in India, directly or indirectly without Approval of RBI.
  • Profits earned by the Branch Offices are freely remittable from India, subject to payment of applicable taxes.

Prerequisite for Brach office registration in India

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We are team of professionals; we provide consultancy and solutions for the feasibility of Setting up Branch Office Registration in Pune. We take care of legal documentation, preparation of application, representation and coordination with government authorities.

  • Feasibility study of Project
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  • Legal Documents Preparation
  • Preparation of Application
  • Taking Brach office permission
  • Closing off Brach office

Compliances to be Carried Out by Branch Office of a Foreign Company in India

  • Maintenance of Books of Account
  • Getting Annual Accounts audited
  • Filling of Annual Activity Certificate with RBI
  • Filling of Annual Return and Balance sheet with Registrar of Companies
  • Intimating any change in constitution of Foreign Company to RBI & ROC
  • Intimating any change in Directors of Foreign Company to RBI & ROC
  • Intimating each and every change in the BRANCH office to RBI & ROC
  • No additional place of business can be started unless approval is taken from RBI.

Business Licenses Applicable To Branch Office In India

  • Apply for Permanent account number – pan number
  • Tax deduction number – tan number Shop & establishment
  • Service Tax Registration – if the Branch provides any services in India
  • VAT & CST Registration – If the Branch carries out trading activities in India.
  • GST Registration

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