ESI Registration

After taking ESIC Registration this act provides for medical attendance and treatment, cash benefits during sickness, maternity and employment injury, pension for dependents on the death of workers due to employment injury and funeral towards expenses on funeral of insured person. Wherever the E.S.I Scheme is extended the employers are absolved of their liability under the Employee’s compensation Act, 1923 and under the Maternity benefit act, 1961 from the date from which maternity benefit becomes payable under the E.S.I. Act

For Factories and Establishments who employing more than 10 employees. Applying registering under Employee's State Insurance(ESI) is mandatory as per ESI Act. Employer need to apply within 15 days for ESI registration. ESI works as medical insurance for covered employees. ESI covered employees enjoy various benefits of medical treatment, maternity benefits etc. ESI also give benefit to employees families for medical, surgical and obstetric treatment, supply of all drugs, ambulance services, super-specialty consultation, etc. ANBCA can help you to apply ESI Registration in Pune , Mumbai , Nashik , Thane , Indore and other cities.

Major ESI Benefits to employees
1. Medical Care Benefits
2.Medical benefits to family members
3.Maternity benefits

Applicability of ESI Registration

10 or more persons employed under any of following establishment : ESI applicable. Hence is a statutory responsibility of employer(company) under Section 2A of the Act read with regulation 10-B. Employer shall apply for registration once applicability of ESI is getting validated. By submitting documents employer should get registered under ESI portal.

  • Shops
  • Cinemas
  • Roadside Motor Transport Establishments
  • News paper establishments
  • Private Educational Institutions and Medical Institutions
  • Hotels or restaurants not having any manufacturing activity, but only providing service
  • In few states the minimum requirement for ESI registration is 20 or more.A few State Governments have not extended scheme to include Medical & Educational Institutions.

ESIC Highlights

ESIC Registration

We help our clients to get online ESI registration in Pune as advise on compliances under ESIC. We also provide service for ESIC calculation, filing of return , monthly payments etc. We have in house advocate for ESIC consultant in Pune & practitioner dealing with the work pertaining to the Labour Law and allied services. We provide a wide range of services pertaining to Labour Law such as Licensing, Maintenance of Records and Consultation to the corporate world. We are labour law consultant in Pune.

Our Services Includes

  • ESIC Registration
  • ESIC Compliances
  • Amendment / Changes in ESIC Registration
  • ESIC Payment working and advises
  • Labour Law Consultant in Pune

ESIC Registration Services

Check List of Document for ESI Registration.

What We Offer

ESIC Code Letter

Simplified Excel Template

Employer Employee Agreement

Advice on Compliances

What We Offer

ESIC Code Letter

Simplified Excel Template

Employer Employee Agreement

Advice on Compliances

ESI Registration Process


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Send us necessary documents and other supporting information for ESI Regisration. We will share detail check list of documents


Application Preparation

A N Bhutada ESI Expert will prepare your ESI Application along with the necessary supporting documents that needs to be submitted for ESI Regisration.


ESI Application Processing

Once the application is prepared and submitted, the concerned ESI Office will process the application and may request for more information or documents. .


ESI Certificate Approval

While processing the application, A N Bhutada & CO ESI Expert will respond to department for queries if any. With follow up we issue ESI Certificate

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    FAQ - Employee State Insurance (ESI)

    How the Scheme is funded?
    The ESI scheme is a self financing scheme. The ESI funds are primarily built out of contribution from employers and employees payable monthly at a fixed percentage of wages paid. The State Governments also bear 1/8th share of the cost of Medical Benefit.
    Is it mandatory for the Employer to do ESIC registration ?
    Yes, it is the statutory responsibility of the employer under Section 2A of the Act read with Regulation 10-B, to register their Factory/ Establishment under the ESI Act within 15 days from the date of its applicability to them.
    What is ESI Code registration number ?
    ESI code is 17 digit number allotted to employer. This Unique ESI code is generated by ESIC portal after submission of information and legal documents.
    I am having branches do I need separate ESI code registration ?
    Yes. Sub-code registration can be take for sales, branch office etc. Where establishment located in same state or different state.
    Do ESI need to calculated on over time paid to employee ?
    In routine overtime is not a regular and continuous source of wages of employee. If overtime is considered in wages then changes that employees will get removed from scheme for some time. Hence ESI calculation not applicable on Over time.
    What is due date for payment of ESI Contribution ?
    ESI contribution need to be paid by 15th of Next month. For example ESI for June 2019 to be pad 15 July 2019.
    What is rate of interest on delayed payment of ESI contribution ?
    Simple interest at the rate of 12% per annum in respect of each day of delay or default in payment of contribution.
    What are legal records to be maintained after ESI registration ?
    After registration employer should maintain following records. 1. Muster roll, wage record and books of Account maintained under other laws. 2. Accident Register in new Form-11 and 3. An inspection book. 4. The immediate employer is also required to maintain the Employees’ Register for the employees deployed to the principal employer.
    What is Medical Benefit to employee after ESI registration ?
    Medical benefit means the medical attendance and treatment to the insured persons covered under the Act and their families as and when needed. This is the only benefit provided in kind through the State Governments including Model Hospitals run by ESI Corporation (except in Delhi), and uniformly to all as per their requirement without linking it to their wages and contributions.
    Under ESI who is a Principal Employer?
    U/S 2(17) Principal Employer means (A) In the case of a factory, any of the following:- (i) Owner; (ii) Occupier; (iii) Managing Agent of the owner or occupier; (iv) Legal representative of a deceased owner or occupier; (v) Manager of the factory under the Factories Act, 1948. (B) In the case of Establishments belonging to or under the control of Government of India: (i) The Specified Authority (ii) The Head of the Department (In the absence of specified Authority). (C) In the case of other establishments: Person responsible for the supervision and control of the establishment. (D) In case of shop – i)(a) Owner II) Proprietor III) Partners IV) Directors (b) Management of the Owner
    What is Salary/wages limit to employee for Employee's State Insurance(ESI) benefit ?
    Salary / Wages < Rs. 21000/- Per Month W.e.f from 01.01.2017. Hence employee drawing salary below Rs. 21000/- per month are eligible for ESI benefit.
    How to calculate wages for ESI contribution ?
    The following wage components are taken into account for computation of wages for payment of contribution. a) Basic Pay,/Wages/Salary; b) D.A/ HRA/ CCA/ Overtime/ officiating allowance/ Night shift allowance/ efficiency allowance/ Heat, Gas, Dust allowance/ Education allowance/ Food & Tea allowance/ conveyance allowance; Overtime wages (but not to be taken into account for determining the coverage). c) Wages/ salary/ pay for weekly off and public holidays; d) Commission paid to sales staff; e) Subsistence allowance paid to an employee during the period of suspension; f) Attendance Bonus or incentive or exgratia in lieu of Attendance Bonus or production incentive; g) Regular Honorarium or salary or remuneration paid to a Director; h) Collection Bhatta paid to running staff. Production incentive, Bonus other than statutory bonus, night shift. Heat, Gas & Dust Allowance, Meal/Food Allowance. i) Actual payments made towards leave salary, lay off compensation, or wages for strike period. j) Any other remuneration paid or payable in cash to an employee if the terms of contract of employment, expressed or implied were fulfilled.
    What is Maternity Benefit under Employee's State Insurance(ESI) ?
    Its benefit to woman for specified period of absent on work • Miscarriage • re-mature birth of child or miscarriage or confinement • sickness arising out of pregnancy
    What is Employee's State Insurance(ESI) Contribution rate ?
    1.Employers Share 4. 75 % 2. Employees share 6 % Total come to 6 % for Employee's State Insurance(ESI) Contribution rate.

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