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Professional Tax is governed by the Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975. Person doing business in Maharashtra like Professionals, Traders etc. is liable to obtain Profession Tax Registration certificate and do compliance of profession tax. Simply saying Profession Tax is a state-level tax that applies to salaried employees and professionals, including lawyers , Consultants and doctors.

Company need to apply for Professional Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC) who is in the role of employer whereas Professional tax Enrollment certificate(PTEC) is to obtained by the company for its own existence and engaging in profession (and of-course business too) within the state of Maharashtra. Total yearly Rs. 2500 required to be paid like Rs. 200 per Month and Rs. 300 in Month of February ( Rs. 200 * 11 + 300 = 2500 ) for late payment of Taxes interest in applicable. Our dedicated professional team helps you in taking registration and maintaining tax compliances with timely reminder and follow-ups.

The process of Professional tax registration in India is given by State Governments. Now PT registration For Individual , LLP, Private Limited can be completed within 3-4 business days. ANBCA employs qualified company secretaries and chartered accountants, who ensure highest customer satisfaction and timely delivery of service. Our procedure of registration is complete online well managed with communications. We provide Professional Tax Registration services in Maharashtra ,Madhya Pradesh,Karnataka.

Professional Tax Important Points

  • Applicable for Registration if employee salary > Rs. 7500 / Rs.10000 PM

  • Profession tax calculation basis is salary or wages earned per month by the employees

  • Lum Sum PT Tax can be of Rs. 2500/- in Maharashtra

  • PT in Maharashtra to be paid monthly/annually

  • Apply PT Registration with in 30 days from Applicability

  • On Late Payment of Professional Tax simple interest rate 1.25%PM

Highlights of Profession Tax

Check List of Document for Professional Tax registration

What We Offer

What We Offer

Professional Tax Registration Process


Send us of documents on Mail

Share PT Registration documents with us over mail. We will provide you detail list of documents and declerations for signing


Prepare Application of Profession Tax

Our Professional Tax Expert will assess your business and prepare the documentation for professional tax application filing with the State Government.


Application Filing

Signed professional tax application is submitted with the relevant department by an experienced A N Bhutada expert in the same city or town.


Registration Approval

PT Application is scrutinized by the Government department. We will follow up with professional tax department for registration.

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    FAQ - Professional Tax

    What is the time limit for obtaining Registration Certificate as an employer?
    Ans. An employer, who wishes to obtain Registration Certificate, has to apply for the same within thirty days of his becoming liable to pay tax.
    What is the penalty for furnishing wrong information’s?
    Ans. The penalty prescribed as per section 5(6) for giving false information in application for Registration Certificate or Enrolment Certificate is equal to three times the tax payable under the Profession Tax Act.
    What is the rate of interest for late payment?
    Ans. The rate of interest is one and quarter percent per month of the amount of such belatedly paid tax.
    Is there any facility of making lump sum payment of Profession Tax?
    Ans. Yes, there is a facility of making lump sum payments for Enrolment Certificate holder who is liable to pay tax at the rate of Rupees 2500 per annum.
    Who is assessed under Profession Tax Act?
    Ans. An employer liable to pay Profession Tax is assessed under Profession Tax Act.
    For Professional tax registration do I need to visit any office ?
    No. Our entire procedure for applying and taking PT Registration is 100% online. Hence there is no requirement that you to visit any office.
    How long it take for Professional Tax registration certificate Approval ?
    For Getting PT certificate it takes appx 3-4 working days.
    Why Do I need Professional Tax registration Certificate (PTRC)?
    This registration need to be take an employer. This is for payment of Profession tax deducted from salary of employees. Hence Professional Tax registration Certificate (PTRC) is needed.
    Why Do I need Professional Tax enrollment Certificate (PTEC)?
    This registration is required for business who are liable for PTEC registration. For example Doctors , CA etc. need to apply for PTEC. PTEC is the corporate liability of the company.

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