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    Public Limited Company Registration

    A Public limited Company grants limited liability to its management and owners. A Public Limited Company is a Company limited by shares in which there is no restriction on the maximum number of shareholders Public limited company is where the company shares are help by Public. It have characteristics of a Private limited Company along with the advantages. Company can raise capital from Pubic and it is a kind of safe source of capital which is permanent and no need to pay interest or repayable like debt.

    Features of a Public Limited Company


    Separate legal entity


    Minimum 3 directors required


    Minimum 7 shareholders required and maximu members have no limit


    Minimum paid up capital must be 5 lakhs


    Shares are easily transferable

    Public Funds

    Can raise fund from public by issuing shares


    Must have PUBLIC LIMITED written after the name

    Documents Required for Public Limited Company Registration

    ID and Address Proof (Directors Details / Shareholders)

    • PAN
    • Adhar Card
    • Voter ID
    • Passport

    ID Proof

    • Passport Size Photo

    Address Proof

    • Telephone Bill
    • Mobile bill
    • Electricity bill
    • Bank Statement
    • Passbook

    Proof of Place of business (If Rented)

    • Need Rent Agreement and NOC from Landlord.

    Proof of Place of business(If Owned)

    • Need Electricity Bills or Index II.

    What We Offer in Pulic Company Registration

    Name Approval

    Certificate of Incorporation

    AOA & MOA

    PAN Registration

    TAN Registration

    Digital Signature

    2 DIN of Director

    10+ Premium Legal Agreements

    What We Offer

    Name Approval

    Certificate of Incorporation

    AOA & MOA

    PAN Registration

    TAN Registration

    Digital Signature

    2 DIN of Director

    10+ Premium Legal Agreements

    Public Limited Company Registration Process


    Digital Signature

    DSC for Directors is mandatory


    DIN Application

    Making online Application to opt for DIN i.e Directors Identification Number


    Name Approval

    Making Application for proposed name of the Company from Options given by directors


    Incorporation through SPICE (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies Electronically)

    Making an application to MCA through newly launced online process i.e SPICE (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies Electronically) whereby documents like Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company is submitted online through forms INC-33 & INC-34 promoting paperless through go green concept simultaneously submitting all required documents and keeping follow up for Certificate of Incorporation and applying for PAN & TAN of the Company.


    Start up a Company

    Once Certificate of Incorporation is opted, the directors can commence its business

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      Do I have to physically visit ROC Office while Setting up company?
      No. A N Bhutada & CO provides complete online Company Incorporation process. All legal documentation and visits are done by A N Bhutada & CO
      What is a DIN?
      Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique identification number required for a person to become a director of a company. DIN is issued by ROC office (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) It is similar to a PAN Card number.DIN is to be mentioned in documents while appointing a person as a director of a company.
      Can we change office address of the company after Incorporation?
      Yes, company office address can be changed anytime after incorporation.
      What is capital of the Company?
      Capital means investment made by shareholders into the company. Authorised capital is an amount up to which company can issue shares. This capital is mentioned during incorporation of the company based on which ROC registration fees and stamp duty is paid. Paid up capital is an actual investment which goes from shareholders into company bank account, against which share certificate is issue by the company.
      How may number of people required for Limited Company Incorporation ?
      For Limited Company Incorporation • Minimum 7 People required • Out of 7 people minimum 3 directors required
      Who Can be come director in Public Limited Company ?
      • 18 + natural person • Person holding valid DIN number
      How May days required for Limited Company Incorporation ?
      Generally the process of incorporation takes 15-20 days. However time depends on approval by MCA. For quick registration we advise to choose a unique name. And provide documents as per check list.
      Can Foreign Nationals / NRI be appointed as a Director in Public Limited Company?
      Yes. After getting valid DIN number Foreign Nationals / NRI can become director in Public Limited Company. However in board of directors one must be Indian resident director.
      Can Foreign Nationals / NRI hold shared in Public Limited Company?
      Yes. Foreign Nationals / NRI can hold shared with guide line provided of FDI.
      Can Public Limited Company take Foreign Director Investment in Company ?
      • 100 % FDI is allowed in Limited Company under automatic route • After incorporation filing need to be done with RBI • For few industries prior approval is required form RBI
      For Limited Company incorporation need to have some turnover ?
      No. There is no such requirement. You can start registration from scratch.
      List of Documents required for Public Limited Company ?
      Registration required simple documents can be shared over mail. Directors 1. PAN + ID Proof any one (Voter ID /Driving License/Passport) + Photo + 3 months Bank statement 2. Address Proof- Any one (Electricity Bill /Index II/ Corporation tax paid receipt )
      Can a salaried person be appointed as director in Public Limited Company ?
      Yes. A salaried person can be appointed as director. However check whether you have any restrictions from employer.

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